Electron Microprobe Theory and Practice ESCI 5353 (Lecture + Labs)    Fall 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

Physical and chemical analytical methods (Lecture + Labs; MSc)    WS 2009; WS 2010; WS 2011

Systematics of Minerals (Lecture+Labs; BSc)    SS 2009; SS 2010; SS 2011; SS 2012

Geoscience seminar II (co-taught; BSc)    WS 2009; WS 2010, WS 2011

Processes in the oceanic mantle and crust (MSc)    WS 2009

Chemical Geodynamics I (MSc)    WS 2010

Chemical Geodynamics II (MSc)    WS 2011

Modelling programs in the geosciences    WS 2008


Practical field experience:

Field camp Chenaillet Ophiolite (8 days, co-taught; BSc)    SS 2009

Fieldtrip Iceland (14 days; BSc and MSc)    SS 2010         

Fieldcamp Isola d’Elba (8 days; BSc)    SS 2010; SS 2011

Fieldtrip Isola d’Elba (2 days, BSc)    SS 2010; SS 2011

Field trip Northern Black Forest (1 day; BSc)    WS 2010

Field trip Southern Black Forest (1 day; BSc)    SS 2011


Supervision of students

(Principal supervisor unless otherwise noted)


Georgi Laukert* (2011): Petrology of pyroxenites from Lena Trough, Arctic Ocean (in English)

Roman Schmidt (2013): Petrology of the Alto Condoto ultramafic-mafic complex, Colombia (in English)

Christian Grimm (2013): Petrogenesis of the ViraVira Complex, Colombia (in English)

Martin Voigt (2013): Experimental investigation of the stability of clinopyroxene in mid-ocean ridge basalts (in English). In collaboration with Dr. Laurence Coogan, University of Victoria).



Christian Grimm (2010): Influence of seawater on the dissolution of basalt. glass and dunite. Implications for carbon sequestration (in English). In collaboration with Dr. Domenik Wolff-Boenisch, U. Iceland within the framework of the CarbFix project.

Malte Junge (2010): Symplectites in Gakkel Ridge peridotites (in English).

Roman Schmidt (2010): Distribution of the residual melt porosity in the lower oceanic crust (in English).

Martin Voigt (2010): The influence of subsolidus processes on the spinel Cr-number in ultramafic rocks (in English).

Manuel Menzel* (2011): Carbonate-cemented breccias from Gakkel Ridge (in German).

Michael Rothmann (2011): Sulfide petrology in impregnated peridotites (in German).

Niklas Stausberg (2011): Formation of tourmaline suns in aplites at Capo Bianco, Elba (in English).

Jens Schöne (2011): Mineralogical investigation of the Mont Blanc intrusion and the associated sediments (in German: co-supervised).

Katharina Braun (2011): Der Streifengneis des Gotthard-Massivs (co-supervised) (in German).

Helen Lüth (2012): Petrological investigation of the xenoliths in the Montorfano Granite, N. Italy (in German; co-supervised).

Ahu Öncü (2012): Mineralogical investigation of the formation of carbonate veins in peridotites by EBSD (in German).

Katrin Stolle (2012): Experimental investigation of CO2 sequestration in peridotites (in German). In collaboration with Prof. Nasir, University Muscat, Oman.

Walter Düsing (2012): An example of Au mineralization in Serbia (in German; co-supervised).

Philipp Maicher (2012): Carbonate biomineral formation rates by freshwater cyanobacteria species: implications for CO2 sequestration (in German; co-supervised).

Felix Rauschenbusch (2012): Mineralogical investigation of the heavy mineral separates from the Alto Condoto river (in German; co-supervised).


* denotes winner of the annual price of the alumni association of the University of Freiburg.