Positions held

Currently: Research Associate Professor / Electron Microprobe Lab Manager at the University of Minnesota

10/2012 – 05/2020: Research Associate / Electron Microprobe Lab Manager at the University of Minnesota

05/2009 – 09/2012: Akademische Rätin (= C1 position/Assistant professor) at the University of Freiburg.

02/2008-04/2009: Post-doctoral research scholar at the University of Hawaii, Geology and Geophysics Department. Project: Reconstructing the architecture of slow-spreading crust through thermobarometry.



06/2008: Dr. rer. nat (summa cum laude), Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Geochemistry Division. Thesis title: Deciphering petrological signatures of cooling and reactive melt stagnation at ultraslow-spreading ridges. Committee: Prof. Albrecht Hofmann (Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry), Dr. Eric Hellebrand (University of Hawaii), Prof. Richard White (University of Mainz).

09/2003: Diplom-Geologin. Thesis title: Impregnation-triggered breakdown: a case study of plagioclase peridotites from the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean. Supervisor Dr. Jonathan Snow (Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, now University of Houston)

09/1999: Vordiplom (± BSc) in Geology at the University of Bonn


Awards and Honors

NSF #1849465: Collaborative Research: Midwest Low KV Collaboration: Continuation of Development of Low KV High Spatial Resolution EPMA Technique to Sub-micron Geological Features, $99,541

NSF #1923271: Early Career Scholar Support for Topical Conference on Electron-Probe Microanalysis (Quantitative Microanalysis 2019), $25,000

NSF #1625422: Acquisition of a next-generation electron microprobe at the University of Minnesota, $1,192,105

International Travel Grant to attend EMAS 2017 (UMN, $1500)

Acquisition of an EDS SDD System (UMN Research Infrastructure Investment Program; $90 000)

Field trip Iceland (DAAD; 5760€)

Field trip Iceland (Freunde und Förderer der Universität Freiburg; 1300€)

Conference participation AGU 2011 (Rinne Stiftung; 1620€)

Workshop participation SIMS Workshop, ASU 2012 (Rinne Stiftung; 1600€)

Conference participation EMC 2012 (Rinne Stiftung; 5085€)

Modena 2012 (Rinne Stiftung; 1400€)

Poster price Science day, Department of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geoscience, University of Freiburg (2009, 2010)

JEOL image contest winner October 2017, February 2019


Community Service and Outreach:

Director (2018-2020) of the Microanalysis Society (

President-Elect of the Minnesota Microscopy Society (2019-2020)

Co-initiator and Leader (2019-2020) of the Focused Interest Group on Microanalytical Standards (

Moderator of the JEOL probeusers listserv (

Host and Co-organizer of "QMA 2019" - Topical Conference on Quantitative Microanalysis, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Co-organizer of Pre-Meeting Congress X60 - "Standards and Reference Materials for Microanalysis" at M&M2018, Baltimore.

Co-convener of "Standards, Reference Materials, and their Applications in Quantitative Microanalysis". Microscopy and Microanalysis 2017. 

Organizing committee of "EPMA 2016" - Topical Conference on Electron Probe Microanalysis, Madison, Wisconsin.

Co-convener of “Advanced Techniques for Determining Elemental Composition, Isotopic Abundance, and Radioisotopic Age Using Bulk and Microanalysis". AGU 2014

Moderator and Contributor at the Probesoftware user forum (

Reviewer for Journal of Petrology, Lithos, G3, Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie, Microscopy and Microanalysis

Organizer of internal brown bag lunch seminar (Hard Rock Lunch), University of Minnesota (2013 - )

Participation Girls' Day, University of Freiburg (2009, 2010, 2011)